The success of a food business requires all of the above elements. Food is at the centre of everything we do, and it should be both safe and nourishing.

When you work with Enlitened, both you and your customers are empowered to make the best decision from every perspective – your business, your customer’s health and their palate.

We work with food businesses including hotels, cafés, restaurants, takeaways, butchers, delis, bakeries and artisan producers. To find out how we can work with your business, visit our Services page.


Enlitened specialises in quality assured nutritional analysis of food menus. This service is tailored for small to medium sized food businesses looking to empower their consumers to make an informed decision based on accurate calorie content of a food item. You will become a member of Enlitened, a growing brand in the food industry, which ensures the highest quality analysis and consistent approach every time. This allows you, to do what you do best, while this professional service analyses calorie contents and other services you may so wish.

Where Ireland stands on calorie posting

The Minister for Health Simon Harris announced in March that calories on menus will become mandatory by the end of 2019. The Government are currently writing this legislation.

Ireland will be joining many parts of the world such as states in USA, and Australia, where it is currently mandatory to post calories for food businesses.The UK also plan to follow suit.

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