About Us

Enlitened specialises in quality assured nutritional analysis of food menus. This service is tailored for small to medium sized food businesses looking to empower their consumers to make an informed decision based on accurate calorie content of a food item. You will become a member of Enlitened, a growing brand in the food industry, which ensures the highest quality analysis and consistent approach every time. This allows you, to do what you do best, while this professional service analyses calorie contents and other services you may so wish.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be proactive in the fight against obesity in Ireland. Enlitened provides services which gives businesses the information consumers are now coming to expect to see at the point of sale. Information such as calories is already available at many larger chain food outlets such as McDonalds and Costa. We aim to support small and medium sized business which in turn will enable the SME’s play an important role in Irelands national strategy to combat obesity. Enlitened also hopes to educate businesses around portion sizes, and the effect this is having on their consumers.

calorie information

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