Identify problems before they happen! Our audits identify any gaps or non-compliances and will recommend appropriate corrective actions to address issues identified.

Our Food Safety Auditing standards are set against current food sector codes of practice. Our auditing programme gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on other elements of your business.

Our audits will include a detailed inspection of the following:

  • Staff Facilities and Personal Hygiene
  • Hygiene Management & Documentation
  • Structural Hygiene
  • Operational Hygiene
  • Food Storage & Protection.

We also carry out internal audits against the BRC and Tesco Standards.

What our clients like about our audits:

  • Identifies problems before they happen, by proactively managing food safety issues.
  • Independent evaluation of their Food Safety Management System giving a detailed measurement of food safety performance.
  • Identifies any gaps or non-compliances and makes recommendations for best practice.
  • Enables continuous improvement.
  • Helps in preparation for third party audits or accreditations.
  • Audits are unannounced, giving a realistic overview and keeps staff on their toes!


Comprehensive audits start from €350. Contact us for a detailed quote. (Additional milage charge may be applicable).