Food Safety Training

Calorie posting on menus.

You love food, we love food, and your customers love food – but they also care about their health.

When you work with Enlitened, both you and your customers are empowered to make smarter food choices.

As food business owners, we have a responsibility to ensure that the food we serve is safe, but for real success, we must go further by responding to consumer demands for health-conscious options.

Taste and health are not mutually exclusive. Enlitened can help you deliver both.

At Enlitened, we believe that we are living at a critical time when people have the choice to start consuming food in a more informed way.

The Irish Department of Health reports that 60% of Irish adults are overweight or obese. With almost a quarter of our calories being consumed outside of the home, food businesses have a key role to play in stemming the obesity crisis in this country.

Knowledge is power. When we take the necessary steps to analyse our food, we can then use that information to decide to make nutritional adjustments which will make it healthier, but just as tasty.

Displaying calories at the point of sale passes the torch of knowledge onto your customers, who can then choose which products they want to consume.

We work with our clients to help them deliver a superior product which their customers can consciously choose and enjoy.

Why put calories on your menu?
  • Meet consumers expectations, 96% of consumers want to see calorie information on menus.
  • Gives you a competitive edge over similar businesses in the area.
  • Opportunity to review acceptable portion sizes, leading to cost reductions and less waste.
  • The government has committed to make calories on menus mandatory for food businesses.
  • Shows transparency. Transparency Triumphs!
  • Help your consumer to make healthier choices.
  • Studies have shown less calories are consumed when they are displayed on menus.
  • Lower calorie options on menus can increase sales.
  • Opportunity for businesses to improve nutritional content of dishes.